Alba Collaborative

The Alba Collaborative is an innovative, culturally-responsive partnership that provides prevention, early intervention, and 24/7 crisis line and supportive services to youth ages 9-17 who are at-risk of or experiencing housing instability. The program offers community-and site-based case management, family mediation and reunification support, in-reach to schools and response to law enforcement, crisis intervention and short-term emergency housing menu, basic needs and transportation, client assistance, resource referral and navigation (including access to alternative education options, LGBTQ-specific programs, wraparound services for gang-impacted and sex-trafficked youth).

This is a partnership between New Avenues for Youth, Latino Network, Lines for Life, Youth Progress Association, Safe Place, Multnomah County and the many community providers and stakeholders represented throughout intersecting service systems.

To connect with the program, make a referral, or learn more, call 971-754-4350 or email us at If you are in need of immediate assistance or crisis support, call our 24/7/365 line at 503-224-4598.

We are located at 470 SE 165th Ave., Portland, OR 97233 at the New Avenues Youth Opportunity Center, on campus with Boys & Girls Club, Open School and partner Latino Network. Our hours for drop-in are Monday-Friday 10am-6pm.