A sense of belonging and being understood is key to healing…


A deep sense of belonging and being understood is a foundational requirement for trauma recovery and healing.  Given what we know about the prevalence of trauma in both our clients and staffs’ lives we seek to create community in all of our programs by being welcoming, inclusive and responsive to the stated goals and needs of the young people we serve.

This approach to our work is the foundation for the mental health support that staff provide youth at New Avenues.  When a youth presents with a specific mental health need, staff do their best to meet that need by offering that youth an opportunity to work with clinically trained staff on-site or at partner agency.  Within each program at New Avenues, clinically trained staff are available to provide either short-term counseling, long-term counseling or mental health referrals.  Additionally, all staff are given training to provide support to youth experiencing suicidal ideation.  This training evolves over the course of staff member’s tenure at the agency starting with an overview of our G.A.T.E. policy for suicide prevention at orientation, then a more in-depth two hour Question, Persuade, Refer on-site training and finally, for those in specific positions requiring a higher level of training, the agency sends staff to the two-day intensive Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST).

Our Recovery Oriented Support and Engagement (ROSE) team includes an Alcohol and Drug Specialist, Dual Diagnosis Specialist, two Peer Mentors, and a Pathways Mental Health Counselor. The team engages youth in recovery-oriented activities, identifying individual needs, promoting healthy decision-making, and connecting them to drug-treatment programs and mental-health counseling as appropriate. The ROSE program also operates at Homeless Youth Continuum (HYC) partner agencies Janus Youth Programs, Outside In, and Native American Youth and Family Center to ensure that youth across the HYC get the support they need.

If you’d like to learn more, contact us at info@newavenues.org.