101% Gueuze Tasting – Hosted by Bokkereyder’s Raf Souvereyns  SOLD OUT!

Thursday, August 23rd

We are thrilled to welcome Bokkereyder’s Raf Souvereyns to host his 101% Gueuze Tasting as part of this year’s Brews for New Avenues series of events! Three tasting sessions will be held on Thursday, August 23rd and limited to 10 people per session.


Lambic beers have a sense of place unlike any other beer style. Although the breweries are located in the same Pajottenland area, every brewery houses its own mix of native yeasts and bacteria, freely flowing through the air and falling down in the wort during its overnight exposure to the air in the coolship. In this tasting, we’re going to explore four different lambics and four different gueuze blends.

First, we’ll taste four lambics side by side to discover the different aromas, flavors, and characteristics. Then we’ll taste four gueuze blends made with the same lambics. Each gueuze blend has 50% of one lambic and equal proportions of the other lambics. Through this tasting, we can discover how the different lambics develop together in the bottle. Every participant gets eight glasses (7 cl each) so we can compare all the different beers throughout the tasting session.

The four lambics include:

  • 1 yr-old Girardin
  • 1 yr-old De Troch
  • 1 yr-old Lindemans
  • 1 yr-old Bokkereyder

The four gueuzes include:

  • 50% Girardin, 17% De Troch, 17% Lindemans, 17% Bokkereyder
  • 50% De Troch, 17% Girardin, 17$ Lindemans, 17% Bokkereyder
  • 50% Lindemans, 17% Girardin, 17% De Troch, 17% Bokkereyder
  • 50% Bokkereyder, 17% Girardin, 17% De Troch, 17% Lindemans