“Youth experiencing homelessness just need one person to believe in them, to give them that hope—that they can put in the work and receive the support they deserve. Because I don’t think any of us can do this alone.” ~Caitlin, former New Avenues youth

Thank you for making sure young people don’t have to do this alone. You are making a difference in their lives!

$5,000 – could allow 20 youth to attend a Job Readiness Training program, helping them build resumes, explore careers, and pursue employment.​

$2,500 – can house a youth we serve for 5 weeks! This includes a safe home, meals, case management, and encouragement towards their next steps.

$1,000– could provide emergency care items such as hygiene products and other essentials for 50 youth.

$500 – can provide food boxes for 25 youth who are experiencing food scarcity as a result of COVID-19.

$250 – can give 2 months of emergency rides to safety for young people involved in sex trafficking.

$100 – could feed 40 young people in our Drop-In Center where they have access to a variety of critical services including meals, showers, laundry, relationship, and a safe space.

$50 – could provide 40 youth a Trimet transit ticket.​

**If you are making a donation from outside the USA please contact Catharine Hunter at Thank you for your support!